Things To Consider When BUYING A House

Congratulations! You’ve made one of the most important, and hopefully, best decisions of your life, and decided to buy a home of your own. You’ve saved your money, evaluated your finances, personal situation, and needs, and determined, it’s time! As a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, in New York State, for over a decade, I have counseled many potential buyers, some, which were ready and prepared, and others, who might not have yet been ready. Therefore, I felt it might be helpful, for potential buyers, to have some sort of simple, basic, guideline, as to some of the considerations, they should make, when considering buying their home. Using the mnemonic approach, let’s review some of the relevant aspects, to consider, about BUYING.

1. Basics; benefits: What are the basics of buying a house? First, evaluate your personal situation, in terms of ability to make the necessary downpayments, without over – stressing! Then, consider your monthly financial needs, including mortgage principal, interest, escrow, taxes, etc, as well as a reserve for both ongoing maintenance, as well as emergencies. If these work out for you, then consider whether your needs are met, with a particular house, in terms of the home itself, the neighborhood, neighbors, schools, conveniences, commuting, and/ or any other factors, of importance to you! Will you enjoy the benefits, and will they outweigh any possible fears, or changing/ expanding your comfort zone?

2. Usefulness; usable; unique: What is it about this particular home, which attracts you? Is there some unique factor or combination of factors? Will the combination of features be useful, to your needs? How usable will the home be, in terms of your personal requirements and priorities?

3. You: Buying a home is a very personal decision! It’s great to get the opinions of others, but remember, you, and your family will live in it, so be certain, you remember, It’s up to you!

4. Intents; issues: Are there any issues and/ or concerns, which might deter you, from buying a particular home? Are these major, or deal – breakers, or can they be easily addressed? Focus on the intents of how you will use the house, and whether it will satisfy your needs!

5. Needs; numbers; neighborhood; neighbors: Does the house fit your needs, or could it? Have you reviewed all the relevant numbers, related to economics, finances and affordability? Is the neighborhood, somewhere you would enjoy living? Is it convenient, in terms of its location, as it relates to transportation, commuting, schools, safety, etc? Before making your final decision, make the effort to speak to some of the neighbors, to see if you’d like them to be your neighbors!

6. Greater – good; guided: Do the pluses and/ or assets, far outweigh any negatives, and thus would you consider the purchase, to be, a greater – good! Have you looked extensively, and been guided by a combination of your needs, as well as affordability, and the condition, as indicated by a Home Inspector?

BUYING a house is a great step forward, when done carefully and properly! Hopefully, using the above considerations, will assist you, in making the best decision for you!

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