Readying Your Home For Professional Listing Photos

You have enlisted a realtor and are looking forward to selling your house. In the next few days the agent will be bringing a professional photographer to your home to take the listing photos. Before the photographer arrives there are some steps to do in order to make sure your place will shine in the photos.

While a good photographer is key, preparing your residence before they arrive will create better quality pictures and increase the probability of selling your home. Gil Szabo sells Penticton real estate and he suggested a few things to keep in mind to get the best listing photos possible. Following these general guidelines increases the likelihood you will sell your home in a timely manner.

  • Step One: Consider Hiring a Professional Stager

If you can afford it you might want to hire a professional stager. The pictures will look better as they have a trained eye for design and with experience they have learned what look goods through the camera lens. They can also give you some guidance on what to do with your home throughout the listing period.

  • Step Two: Get Rid of Any Clutter

Any clutter or stuff on flat surfaces should be cleared away and all your floor areas kept clean. As you are planning on moving in the near future take it as an opportunity to pack up some of your belongings. Really the only things you should have in the pictures are a few carefully chosen furniture pieces. Everything else needs to be put away in boxes for storage.

  • Step Three: Prepare The House Exterior

The exterior of the home is ever important as it is the first thing a realtor or potential buyer sees. They will view this as an indicator of what the inside of the households. While this is not always true, you do not want to turn off potential buyers because you have not prepared the outside of the property. Make sure any fences or gates are in good condition, mow your lawn, prune your bushes and weed your flower gardens.

  • Step Four: Prep The Rooms

  • Kitchen

As this room is the centrepiece for many homes you should spend a decent amount of time preparing the kitchen. Take all personal items like calendars off the wall and get rid of any magnets on the fridge. Put extra appliances into cupboards or moving boxes. You want a clean and clutter-free look to create great looking photos.

  • Living Room

Once again you will want to focus on decluttering and depersonalizing your common rooms. Do not have too many pieces of furniture. Move them into another space while the photographer takes the photos if you still want to use them later. The room needs to be meticulously clean and all surfaces cleared of stuff. Hide any electronic cords and cables. Put them away until the photos are taken.

  • Bedrooms

When staging a home the master bedroom is often a focal point for photographers as potential buyers typically pay a lot of attention to this room. Make sure you have put away your personal belongings. You want the pictures to highlight this room so ensure you only have the basics in the photos. Make your bed using your best linens and throw on a couple of decorative pillows.

  • Bathrooms

When it comes to staging your bathrooms having sparkling clean rooms is key. Again remove all personal belongings like toothbrushes, flat irons, and any toiletries. Ensure the garbage is empty and replace the toilet paper roll. Mirrors should be streak free and your hand towels fresh and neatly folded. Wipe off surfaces and wash the floor.

  • Step Five: Light and Bright

When realtors and buyers look at your listing photos they want to see a home that looks bright and airy. Make sure your windows are open letting in as much natural light as possible. If you have some rooms that tend to be darker add lamps to make the room appear brighter. Proper lighting will make your home look more inviting.

  • Step Five: Angles Matter

When photographing a room the angle at which the picture is taken can make the room appear larger or smaller. Every professional listing photographer should know this, but your job in this regard will be to place your furniture and decorations in a way that enhances each room. You want everything positioned in the right direction so as to give the photographer a great space to work with.

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