Our agents are ready at a minute’s notice

During the American Revolutionary War, the Colonial soldiers belonged to the Continental army and were called minutemen who were ‘ready to fight at ‘a minute’s notice.’  Similarly, we compare our remax malta real estate agents are ready to represent our clients and fight for their rights and needs in terms of property at a ‘minute’s notice’  We are RE/MAX Malta and we train our real estate agents to be the best in the industry.

We have 100% client satisfaction because we treat the client-agent relationship seriously.  We make sure that our real estate agents are completely knowledgeable about the principles and theories behind real estate.  This makes them better able to find the properties that exceed our clients’ wildest dreams or sell their properties at prices well above those which the market currently offers.  Our real estate agents are the best in the industry because they take their work seriously and are the most productive agents in the real estate industry. This is crucial because ‘time is money’ in the real estate industry and only those agents who are the most productive will be successful in the long-term – these agents, in turn, make the companies that they work for very successful as well.  Since it’s RE/MAX Malta’s mission to be the most successful company in the real estate industry, agent productivity is very important to us!

We want more than to be just a market leader.  While the objective of being the industry leader is good enough for most real estate companies, it is not for us.  Instead, we strive to be a pioneer in the real estate industry and establish standards and trends which other companies will be compelled to follow.  We can do this only if we employ the best in terms of real estate agents because a real estate company is the result of the work of its agents. We equip our agents with emerging tools which are the most innovative and effective in the industry in order to be the undisputed leader and trendsetter in the real estate industry.

We offer our agents continuing education classes because we realize that legislation and other rules which govern and affect real estate are constantly changing.  We also teach our agents social skills, social etiquette, and the client-agent relationship because customer relations are very important in the real estate industry – real estate agents have to be good customer service reps as well as real estate advisors and consultants.

RE/MAX Malta is an emerging superstar in the Maltese real estate industry for these reasons.  We constantly get the best results in terms of client acquisition and retention because we take employee management and education seriously!  Additionally, we only hire the best, most talented, and experienced agents because they can be trained to act, work, and shine like diamonds in the rough!

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