Homeowners: Hire A Real Estate Agent You TRUST

If you’re like most other people, your home is one of, if not, the most valuable asset you possess! When you make the decision to sell it, don’t you deserve to get what most others say they seek: the best available price, in the shortest possible period of time, with a minimum of hassle? One of the first step you should take is locating the real estate agent, who’s best for you! This should be based on several factors, including skills (including presentation, negotiating, marketing, etc), but perhaps, the single most important thing, is to hire an agent, you TRUST!

1. Truthful; tells: Obviously, you will seek someone who is truthful, but trust means far more than merely telling the truth. It must include loyalty, communication, and letting you know, what you need to know, not just what you want to hear (TM). The person you choose must tell you what to expect, what your options are, ramifications, the market, etc, and continue to openly communicate with you, throughout the entire period!

2. Realistic; reasons; rationale; relevant: Remember, simply suggesting a higher listing price, does not mean, it will sell at the level, and the risk, is often, having it sell at a lower one than setting a more suitable one, from the start! Consider the adage, Price it right, from the start! Your agent should fully explain his reasons, reasoning, and rationale! Judgements must be based on relevant, current factors and conditions, with an understanding of the nature, fluctuations, and idiosyncracies of the real estate market!

3. Urgent; unique: Will the individual treat selling your home, with the urgency you deserve? Ask yourself, what unique things about this individual, make him the agent for me?

4. Solutions; system; selling/ sales; strategies: Seek someone who will not merely tell you about the problems, or what’s wrong, but will offer viable solutions, to address these! Does the agent have selling ability, and can he close a sale? What is about the system he suggests, which appeals to you, and why? Is every component part of a wider, well – considered, strategy?

5. Timely: Strike while the fire is hot! Is this agent ready, willing and able, to take advantage of the best opportunities, and think outside the box? Does he respond to emails, telephone calls, and questions/ concerns, in a timely manner? If he doesn’t immediately have an answer, does he get it for you quickly, and get back to you, as soon as possible?

Homeowners and agents need to be on the same page! This begins, when the homeowner hires someone he can TRUST!

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