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Shared Ownership – How Does It Work?

Due to the high prices of real estate at present, there are ways that first time buyers can get a foot on the property ladder, so to speak, and own between 25-75% of the property. Typically, the cost of the property is divided into 4 equal shares, and these are offered to third parties, or

Uses Of Temporary Warehouse For Business

In the business industry, many entrepreneurs are struggling when it comes to challenges. As part of a growing company, there are many difficulties that the business will be facing. It affects everyone in the company, especially the business owner. One of the challenges that most industries are facing is when there comes a crisis in

A Guide to Sourcing the Best Retail Flooring

If you have a retail outlet, attractive flooring is an essential component to a successful ambience, and it must obviously be able to deal with high traffic and be durable enough for a busy setting. Rather than purchasing carpet tiles for your store, you can take out a contract with the best carpet tiles suppliers

Our agents are ready at a minute’s notice

During the American Revolutionary War, the Colonial soldiers belonged to the Continental army and were called minutemen who were ‘ready to fight at ‘a minute’s notice.’  Similarly, we compare our remax malta real estate agents are ready to represent our clients and fight for their rights and needs in terms of property at a ‘minute’s